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Top 4 Legal Issues in a Divorce

1. Division of the marital estate:

All assets and liabilities (debts) of the parties must be addressed and set aside to one or both parties. There is nothing that requires a 50/50 division, although many judges use that as a starting point.

2. Spousal maintenance:

Formerly known as alimony. An award of spousal maintenance is neither required nor appropriate in all cases. However, even if the parties both agree to waive (give up) any claim to maintenance that he or she might have, that must be expressly stated in writing in the case.

3. Custody and Parenting Time:

If there are minor children involved, then there must be a written parenting plan providing for the legal custody and parenting time arrangements pertaining to the children.

4. Child Support:

Child support must be addressed (one way or another) in every case that involves minor children. Experienced attorneys know what factors affect child support—that is, who is awarded child support and the factors that influence the amount of child support paid.

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