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College student filed lawsuit because she received a poor grade.

College student filed lawsuit because she received a poor grade.

My wife is a university professor at Mid America Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas. She is considered tough, but fair. Part of her job sometimes requires her to award students the grades they deserve. Sometimes that grade is low. Usually, the student accepts their grade, knowing she is fair. Nobody has sued her or the school yet for her tough classes. However, a former Lehigh University student filed a lawsuit because she was dissatisfied with her grade she received in 2009 from her professor. Twenty-seven year old, Megan Thode, claimed that the C+ she received ruined her dream of becoming a licensed professional counselor. She claimed breach of contract and sexual discrimination. The lawsuit also claimed that the professor treated her unfairly because the student supported homosexuality.

The student's attorney claimed that the $1.3 million in damages being sought, is what she'll lose over the course of her career without being a a state-certified counselor.

Interestingly, the student was actually attending the program for free because her father was a professor there.

The lawyer for the university claimed the student acted inappropriately as a student in the classroom, with both cursing and crying.

The judge threw out the case last month. Unless I am missing something, good call Judge!