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COPSLIE Vanity Plate Not Allowed By State

A man from New Hampshire has taken his case all the way to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. In what he feels are his rights to free speech, he wants the state to issue him a vanity plate that reads: COPSLIE. His first request for this license plate was denied by the Division of Motor Vehicles because they have a regulation which prohibits vanity license plates containing messages that they feel a reasonable person would find offensive to good taste and they felt that this license plate would have, basically, insulted an entire class of people.

This man does have someone on his side though, the lawyers from the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union is siding with him. Their attorney states that the DMV's regulation is vague and overly broad. This case is expected to be ruled on by early next year. This is not even the most intriguing part of the story though. This man has recently, and legally, changed his name to "human". Be on the lookout for the outcome of this fascinating case and see if human is finally able to get his long desired goal for this vanity plate.