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Death at a Daycare

Death at a Daycare

Eleven month old, Giovanni Jaraleno, was found unresponsive at Kansas City's Advantage Day Care.

Workers at the daycare said that Giovanni was being fussy when they put him down for his nap. When the worker's went back in to check on him, he would not wake up. Giovanni was taken to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

After an autopsy was performed, the Wyandotte County Coroner could not determine an obvious cause of death. They are still waiting on more test results before a determination can be made.

Sherry McIntyre, his aunt, said that there was no indication that Giovanni had any sign of illness. Giovanni's mother, Josie Sembler, said that all three of her sons attended Advantage Day Care and that they all loved it there.

Likely, there was no recklessness or intentional abuse by the daycare provider. Otherwise, the provider could be charged by the District Attorney with abuse of a child, shaken baby, or child endangerment. While not required, either of these charges would necessitate the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer in a Kansas Court.

In any event, our prayers go out to the family of the child.