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Bills NFL Cheerleaders Sue Team

The NFL cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills recently filed a lawsuit against the team. They claim they have not been compensated fairly and have been mistreated. The suit claims that they are paid below minimum wage, have been subject to demeaning conduct, and have endured inappropriate contact.

One of the cheerleaders, Maria, states that she was touched inappropriately at the annual golf tournament, forced to wear a bikini, placed in a dunk tank, and auctioned off as a prize. Depending on the facts, that complaint may have some heat.

The cheerleaders also complain of enduring the "Jiggle Test." Apparently, the cheerleaders' bodies are regularly evaluated while doing jumping jacks. If their body is not up to standard on any particular week, the cheerleader may be fired, suspended for a game, or penalized. While the cheerleaders are complaining of their bodies being analyzed and critiqued by the team, isn't that exactly what happens every Sunday by the fans? How is this different than a model complaining of not being hired for a photo shoot because she had gained too much weight? I'm not saying the conduct is appropriate, but rather that this particular complaint from the cheerleaders appears to be tongue in cheek.

The minimum pay is an interesting legal theory and is not a new one. As discussed in one of my previous blogs, the cheerleaders for the Raiders and Bengals have filed lawsuits alleging the same.