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Click Fraud Leads to Jail

Cybercriminal Fabio Gasperini was convicted earlier this week of computer intrusion. The judge then followed up that conviction in federal court by sentencing him to the statutory maximum allowed of one year in jail and a $100,000 fine.

In April, earlier this year, he was extradited from the Netherlands. He had been installing malicious software onto numerous servers which then simulated humans clicking on click advertisements. He had created a botnet to do his bidding for these purposes, which raised money for him, while defrauding businesses that paid to have actual humans clicking for their sites. He was having the bots mimic human clicks to his sites, to inflate the numbers of what those sites were actually doing.

The United States Attorney’s Office handled the prosecution of the criminal charges. Mr. Gasperini’s criminal defense lawyer probably did the best job possible given the circumstances, as his defense actually led to Gasperini being found not guilty of some of the more serious charges. The defense was how could you find him guilty of click fraud without evidence of a click. The hired computer expert for Gasperini used during the trial, testified that all the prosecutor’s evidence was circumstantial and never actually pointed directly at the defendant.