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Vehicle Related Bike Wreck

Three years ago I purchased quality mountain bikes for my wife and myself. We enjoyed it so much that we ended up getting bikes for the whole family so we could ride together. However, we quickly learned how easy it is for a car wreck to ruin things very quickly.

We were riding our mountain bikes on a paved trail through Johnson County, Kansas. We came up to an intersection, and we had the right of way. I started riding through the intersection, with my son right behind me. Unfortunately, a car wasn't paying attention, and turned right in front of my son. My son smashed into the vehicle and went flying. Thankfully, my son was wearing a helmet and did not suffer any serious injuries. He was just bruised and beat up. It could have been so much worse. I am so thankful that he is ok. Sadly, not all car bicycle wrecks turn out so well. Automobile accidents are very common in the United States and when it involves a bicyclist, there are often times devastating injuries.

If you were injured in a bicycle automobile accident, please call us right away to speak with an experienced car wreck personal injury lawyer. As a caring attorney and bicyclist, I will do everything I can to help my injured clients.