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Deceptive Trade Practices

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Customer-provider relationships work best when everyone is honest, but that is an ideal situation. When the honesty falters, most people might think of shoplifters and thieves, while not many consider that businesses and retailers themselves can be dishonest. As a consumer, you are protected under Kansas State law from being tricked or deceived by merchants and other suppliers for any reason.

Forms of supplier deceit include but are not limited to:

  • Claiming to have sponsorship, approval, accessories, characteristics, ingredients, uses, benefits or quantities that they do not have
  • Claiming that property is new when it is used or deteriorated in any way
  • Claiming that property or services are of a certain standard, quality, style or model when they are not so
  • Claiming that the property or service is proven, without certification or proof
  • Offering property or services without any intent to sell them
  • Falsely stating that services or repair are needed
  • Sending or delivering solicitation that could be mistaken for a bill, invoice, or statement of account due

If you have been harmed by the intentional dishonest of a supplier or business, contact an Olathe civil litigation lawyer to learn how you can find justice.

Building Your Deceptive Trade Practice Case

In order to try to find some sort of compensation or rectification for the wrongdoing that has been done, you will need to bring a complaint before the court so that an investigation can be made. Even though the government may then take action against the defendant itself for partaking in illegitimate business practices, this is not a civil case that represents your needs. You will instead be required to create one for yourself and build your own case against the dishonest practitioners or liable parties.

An Olathe civil litigation attorney from Martin & Wallentine, LLC can help you collect evidence to use to your advantage, such as:

  • Records of payments for services rendered
  • Warranty information in cases involving defective products
  • Defendant's criminal history
  • Copies of relevant contracts

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